Here's where power is out across the region

Damage from Friday night's tornado has left more than 90,000 households across the region without power. Here are updates on the power outages in and around Ottawa.

More than 90,000 households still without power in Ottawa-Gatineau

More than 80 poles are damaged or have fallen across the Ottawa area, Hydro Ottawa said Saturday morning. (@Marsbarpants/Twitter)

Power was restored Saturday afternoon to some areas of Ottawa-Gatineau that experienced outages after two tornadoes struck the area Friday night, but tens of thousands of households across the region are still without power.

As of Saturday afternoon, 97,500 customers in Ottawa were still without power. Hydro Ottawa reported that 28,000 customers in the Cedarview/Greenbank area and 24,000 in Lincoln Heights area were without power.

Some of the other major concentration of outages are in the Knoxdale-Merivale, Barrhaven, Gloucester-South Nepean, Somerset, Kitchissippi and Orléans areas.

It is unclear when power will be fully restored. The Wellington Village neighbourhood in Ottawa got its power back Saturday afternoon. Some power has also been restored in Riverside South, Barrhaven and the Glebe.

As of Saturday evening, Hydro-Québec reported that 14,111 customers are without power in the Outaouais area.

More than 80 utility poles have been damaged or torn down across Ottawa

Traffic lights are also out in several spots across the city. They should be treated as a four-way stop.

Power was restored to about 50,000 people Saturday morning and crews continue to address damage across the city. 

Hydro One was also reporting thousands of customers without power. Their complete list of outages can be accessed here

You can check the estimated power restoration time in your neighbourhood here.

If you are experiencing a power outage, you can contact Hydro Ottawa to report it at 613-738-0188.

A spokesperson for Telus said Saturday afternoon that its services have been affected by the tornado. Some of the telecommunication company's wireless sites are down because of the power failure, spokesperson François Gaboury said.

Mark Choma, a spokesperson for Bell, said the company's cellular towers are intact, but electricity is an issue in some areas. Choma said service is largely unaffected, and Bell is bringing in more generators to make sure they have power.


About 48,800 Hydro-Québec customers are also without power as of Saturday morning. 

The Mont-Bleu neighbourhood in Hull is experiencing the significant outages, as well as the areas surrounding Les Promenades mall.

You can report a power outage to Hydro-Québec  by calling 1-800-790-2424.

A full map of the outages in the Ouataouais region is available here

Hydro-Québec's map of power outages as of 8:41 a.m. on Saturday morning. The black triangles represent significant outages. (Hydro-Québec)

What to do if your power is out

Hydro Ottawa recommends taking the following steps if you are without power. 

  • Turn off all lights and unplug appliances and electronics to help avoid a power surge when electricity is restored.
  • Clear valuables from your basement if you have a sump pump without backup power, in case of flooding.
  • Food in your fridge will keep for up to 4 hours, and food in a freezer will keep for up to 48 hours without power, so try to minimize opening and closing the doors of those appliances. 
  • Close room doors to keep the heat in.
  • Use flashlights, as candles can be a fire hazard. If you have to use candles, keep them away from drapes and carpets. Never leave the flame unattended. 
  • Use camp stoves and barbecues outdoors.
  • Only use backup power generators outside. 

If electrical wires come in contact with your home or car, do not touch the wires. Call the power company immediately and don't exit your car. If you come across downed power poles or lines, stay at least 10 metres back.


  • A previous version of this story stated that food can be kept in a fridge and freezer for up to 48 hours without power. However food can only be kept that long in a freezer. Food in a fridge can keep for up to four hours without power.
    Sep 30, 2018 2:23 PM ET