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Defective pay system deducting Quebec taxes from Ontario worker

CBC Ottawa asked for stories from federal public servants who aren't getting paid properly — either too little, too much or not at all — since the Phoenix payroll system took over the distribution of their paycheques.

Some public servants living and working in Ontario overtaxed hundreds of dollars under flawed Phoenix system


CBC Ottawa has invited federal public servants to share their personal stories of financial struggle under the government's problem-plagued Phoenix payroll system.

Some aren't being paid properly. Some have been overpaid. Some, not at all. 

If you want to add your story to our coverage please email us.

Every day for the next few weeks, we'll post an excerpt from a different employee.

From an anonymous public servant who is wrongly paying too much tax:

My position was moved from Quebec to Ontario on Jan. 18, 2016. 

The proper form to change the deductions was sent to the pay centre on Jan. 19, 2016.  It was never done.  Now comes Phoenix.

I had to send another form in March because the previous form sent in January was no good anymore – needed the new form which was the same except for the form number.

As of today, still paying Quebec taxes. I have [to] call almost every week and also send status request. 

One week , they tell me that my case is in the hands of an agent and the next week, they tell me that it is yet to be assigned to somebody.  SSC classification and HR got involved but nothing happened.

As of today – still paying Quebec taxes.  I am lucky to get a pay cheque but it would be nice to pay the proper taxes to the right province.

Another anonymous public servant wrote to CBC Ottawa and said he is working in Ontario but being deducted $250 to $300 a paycheque of Quebec taxes.