Dognapped pup returned home

Pharaoh the dog is home safe and sound after Kingston police say three girls abducted, then abandoned the 1-year-old pup.

Teenagers charged with theft, causing suffering to an animal

Kingston police say Pharaoh the dog is home safe and sound.

A dog named Pharaoh that was allegedly abducted by three girls in Kingston, Ont., has been returned home safe and sound. 

Kingston police said two 13-year-olds and a 17-year-old stole Pharaoh from outside its owner's home Tuesday, then took the one-year-old bull mastiff-boxer mix for a bus ride.

Police said when the girls heard reports of the dognapping on the radio they disembarked and left the dog tied up in the cold wind and rain.  

Fortunately for Pharaoh, a kind-hearted citizen brought the dog into his home for the night to keep warm, and later reached out to authorities who returned Pharaoh to its owner.

The girls were arrested and are jointly charged with theft and wilfully causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.