Unlikely collaboration sparks Ottawa's song of the summer

Ottawa rapper Peter Joynt has taken 13-year-old Pei Pilgrim under his wing to collaborate on a soaring summertime song that will make you smile.

Rapper Peter Joynt met Pei Pilgrim, 13, after giving motivational talk at her school

The sun sets on the video for Loving this Feeling, an upbeat collaboration between Ottawa rapper Peter Joynt and 13-year-old Pei Pilgrim. The two met after Joynt gave a motivational talk at Pilgrim's school. (YouTube)

When Ottawa rapper Peter Joynt visited Pei Pilgrim's school in April to share his personal story of overcoming obstacles and remaining resilient in the face of adversity, he didn't just inspire the 13-year-old — he planted the seed for an unlikely collaboration that would spark Ottawa's song of the summer.

Joynt, a.k.a. The Joynt, is best known for his lyrical tributes to his hometown and its hockey team, the Ottawa Senators.

He also has a stutter, a condition that disappears when he grabs the mic.

She wasn't just some kid playing around in her basement.- Peter Joynt

In April, Joynt paid a visit to Fisher Park Summit Alternative School, where his talk about refusing to let others define your path caught Pilgrim's attention.

Pilgrim, a.k.a. PEi, gathered the gumption to approach Joynt and let him know that she, too, was a musician. Joynt said he advised Pilgrim to be original, avoid cover songs and get her stuff on YouTube. 

She was already a beat ahead of him. Pei sent him a link to her YouTube channel, and Joynt immediately realized he was dealing with a genuine talent.

"You can just tell she has a gift for writing, and her voice is really unique," he said. "Then you realize she's playing all the instruments in the song too. She wasn't just some kid playing around in her basement." 

Joynt sent Pilgrim his newest beat and asked her to come up with something.

In just two days Pilgrim had written and recorded her part of Loving this Feeling, and handed the baton — or in this case, the mic —back to Joynt, who came up with his own upbeat lyrics about being young and relishing the simple joys of a sunny summer day. 

The video for the track was shot by a drone-mounted camera near the school where the collaboration was born, and features the Harmer Avenue Bridge, which has since been torn down.

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