Ottawa yacht club calls NCC expensive landlord

The commodore of the Britannia Yacht Club is agreeing with the owner of a bookstore set to close its doors, saying the NCC rate for leasing its land is too high.

Britannia Yacht Club pays $20,000 per year to lease two-thirds of its land

The National Capital Commission is taking more heat from local businesses for the cost of its leases in Ottawa.

Late last week, the Nicholas Hoare bookstore on Sussex Drive in Ottawa announced it was closing and blamed the NCC, which the owner said raised his rent by 72 per cent.

The Britannia Yacht Club has been run on the same land for more than 90 years. (Britannia Yacht Club)

Hoare is not the only person calling the NCC an expensive landlord.

The Britannia Yacht Club told CBC News it pays $20,000 annually to the NCC, which owns two-thirds of the land.

One man believes the rent should be half or even one-third of the current rate based on similar properties such as the Nepean Sailing Club.

"Our issue is with the NCC and the way they are setting a rate for the land we are leasing," said Commodore Philip Moorman, who surveys the yacht club's lawn and harbour, which the club has operated since 1920.

"We're not asking for anything special, we would simply like fair treatment by the Crown."

Yacht club, NCC negotiating for last decade

Moorman also said the club has spent 10 years looking to negotiate a better rate, but the two sides can't agree on a number.

The NCC told CBC News it is obliged to keep negotiations private but insisted all tenants are treated fairly.

Nearby Nepean Sailing Club also said it has had its lease battles in the past, but with the City of Ottawa.

Commodore Peter Bradley said it took seven years to find a common ground with city negotiators.

"I think all of the sailing clubs are facing challenges in providing sailing and boating to residents of the city on a basis that's affordable to new members, while at the same time, trying to meet the needs of governments for the prime real estate they're making available to us." Bradley said.