Prepare for bitter cold, flurries on Saturday

Friday's cold weather reprieve is gone as frigid temperatures set in for the weekend.

It will be Tuesday before temperatures approach what's normal

The temperature will only reach a high of – 20 C Saturday, which will feel much colder with the windchill. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

Friday's cold weather reprieve is gone as frigid temperatures set in for the weekend.

The risk of frostbite is a concern as Saturday's high will only hit – 20 C. With the wind, it will feel like minus 25 in the morning and minus 33 in the afternoon. 

To add insult to injury, we find ourselves on the northern edge of a major snow storm passing by to our southwest, leading to possible flurries throughout the day.

Prepare for snow overnight and into Sunday, with around five centimetres expected to fall.

The bitter cold will continue through Monday, when the temperature rises to a high of –13 C.

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