Tim Tierney takes Beacon Hill-Cyrville despite bumpy campaign

After a drama-filled campaign, Tim Tierney has been re-elected to serve as the Beacon Hill-Cyrville councillor.

With all 96 polls reporting Tierney won with 6,730 votes

Tim Tierney will return as the councillor for Beacon Hill-Cyrville. (Laura Osman/CBC)

After a drama-filled campaign, Tim Tierney has been re-elected to serve as the Beacon Hill-Cyrville councillor.

Tierney unofficially secured a whopping 81 per cent of the vote in the east-end ward, a significant lead over his only rival, Michael Schurter.

With all 96 polls reporting Tierney garnered 6,730 votes, giving him a significant edge over Schurter's 1,544.

Tierney was first elected to council in 2010. He took the riding in 2014 with 82 per cent of the vote against four other candidates.

Despite his landslide win, the ward will likely continue to make headlines for weeks to come.

The OPP's anti-rackets branch continues to investigate a conversation that allegedly took place behind closed doors at the city's elections office moments before the 2 p.m. deadline for candidates to register on July 27.

Michael Schurter said he contacted police after a phone call with incumbent Tim Tierney (CBC)

Michael Schurter, a real estate broker, had said the subject of that conversation led him to make an official complaint, but refused to elaborate on what was discussed.

However, a number of sources confirmed to CBC that Tierney tried to convince Schurter not to run against him, and allegedly promised to make a donation to a local food bank if Schurter dropped out of the race. Under the Municipal Elections Act, it's an offence to offer a candidate an inducement to drop out of an election.

  Tierney stepped back from his position on the Ottawa Police Services Board while the investigation unfolds.

The results remain unofficial until the city clerk verifies the final poll counts, which is expected to happen by Thursday