It's Halloween in Ottawa — and that means LRT- and election-themed costumes

Costumes inspired by the city's new light rail line and the recent federal election were among those popping up at Halloween events around the city over the past week.

Costume creations ranged from LRT disasters to CBC's Poll Tracker

From left to right: Matei Dan, Geordie Summers-Lubar and Gabriella Carrier all put a very Ottawa spin on their Halloween costumes this year. (Submitted)

These just might be the most Ottawa Halloween costumes ever.

Outfits inspired by the city's new light rail system and the recent federal election are this year's must-haves in the capital.

Here are the stories behind some of the top looks. 

Matei Dan: LRT door-jammer

Matei Dan, 38, dressed up as the LRT's biggest foe for Halloween this year: someone jamming the train system's doors. (provided by Matei Dan)

After Matei Dan heard about his coworkers' commuting woes, he began to put together this costume.

He started sketching out ideas and assembled the look in about 10 hours using wood, paint and two federal election signs he found in his neighbourhood — after the election concluded, he stressed.

"I thought it was topical. I thought it was funny," said the 38-year-old, who debuted his creation at a Halloween house party in Orléans. "It was worth it because everyone was really, really happy."

For the record, Dan hasn't set foot on the LRT, but he says he's got a legitimate grudge because it interferes with his bus route to work.

Geordie Summers-Lubar, 27: CBC's Poll Tracker

Geordie Summers-Lubar and his friends found themselves glued to CBC's Poll Tracker during the election, so the federal government worker decided to use it as inspiration for his Halloween costume.

Summers-Lubar bought some secondhand clothing, checked the polling data tool's last two months of data and penciled in the chart and figures.

He then used markers to finalize the outfit. 

Summers-Lubar said the costume got a great reaction from his politically-minded friends.

"It's not making fun of any politician or anything," he said.  "It was just something for people who enjoy politics, and they could get a little laugh out of it."

Gabriella Carrier, 24: Tunney's Pasture LRT station

Navigating the Tunney's Pasture LRT station has occasionally been a scary endeavour, so it made sense that Gabriella Carrier would choose it for her Halloween costume. (Submitted)

Gabriella Carrier, a sustainability manager at Carleton University, has gone for social and political Halloween getups before.

So this year, a public transit costume was right up her alley.

Carrier said she chose the Tunney's Pasture LRT station because its numerous transit woes made it immediately recognizable.

She cut out a large red "O" and affixed it to her head with a toilet paper roll. She also looked up the same fonts OC Transpo uses to make sure the text was accurate. 

Carrier thought the humorous costume would "make the pain of the LRT a little less unbearable," even though her experiences have been relatively good, compared to what her friends have gone through.

"My whole social circle is really into mass transit," Carrier said. "They think that the future of Ottawa is one where we are reducing our cars."

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