Ottawa smart-meter billing delayed for some

Hydro Ottawa won't meet a June deadline to switch over all 300,000 of its customers to a new peak and off-peak billing system, an official said Thursday.

Hydro Ottawa won't be able to switch all 300,000 of its customers over to a new peak and off-peak billing system by the June deadline set by the Ontario Energy Board, an official said Thursday

Norm Fraser, the chief operating officer of the utility, said that smart meters have been installed on most houses.

Fraser said that 45,000 customers now pay different rates for electricity depending on the time of day — cheaper overnight and more expensive during the day.

However, the software that sends that data to a central system in Toronto can't yet handle the remaining 255,000 customers who are on the old system, he said.

Fraser expects Hydro Ottawa will be at least a few months behind its June deadline.