South Ottawa scrapyard fire creates plume of dark smoke

Ottawa Fire Services say they are containing flames at scrapyard near West Hunt Club Road and Merivale Road. Paramedics and the hazmat team are also on the scene.

Hazmat team called to scrapyard at 120 Bentley Avenue

Firefighters respond to a burning scrap pile at 120 Bentley Avenue. (Roland Carrier/CBC)

Firefighters are working to contain flames at a scrapyard in southwest Ottawa.

Ottawa Fire Services say they received a call about a fire at 120 Bentley Avenue early this afternoon, followed by several more reports of a plume of dark and dirty smoke.

The business is located in the West Hunt Club Road and Merivale Road area.

Firefighters say scrap, materials, and other debris are burning, and they're using water and foam to contain the fire.

Paramedics and the hazardous material team are also monitoring the fire.

Firefighters say no other buildings were exposed to the flames and report no injuries.