Ottawa's drinking fountains: where are they?

It's getting hot in the National Capital Region, and we want to know: where are the public water fountains in the city? Send us your pictures of local drinking fountains and let us know if they're working.

It's summertime in the National Capital Region, and as temperatures rise, so too does a question: where can we get a drink around here? More to the point, where can we drink for free?

The answer has traditionally been the public water fountain, but as bottled water has become pervasive, water fountains are becoming an afterthought.

University of Ottawa Campus Sustainability Manager Jonathan Rasseo talks to All in a Day about making U of O water-bottle free since 2010. Listen here.

But they are still out there. So we want to know: where are there working drinking fountains in the city?

Email All in a Day your pics of water fountains, and let us know if they are working.

As you can see, we're building a map. Blue markers indicate water fountains. If you find a fountain that doesn't work, let us know and we'll note it with a red marker.