Ottawa-Gatineau flooding: How you can help

Looking to lend a hand to residents in need in Ottawa, Gatineau or Clarence-Rockland? Here's the latest information.

Information for Ottawa, Gatineau and Clarence-Rockland

Some 2,000 volunteers showed up at Campeau Arena in Gatineau Saturday, May 6 to help fill sandbags for residents affected by flooding. (City of Gatineau)

Looking to lend a hand to residents in need in Ottawa, Gatineau or Clarence-Rockland? Here's the latest information, courtesy of the three municipalities.

To keep on top of the situation as it develops, visit the emergency pages for each city:


Volunteers tie off a sandbag in drizzly weather on Monday, May 8. (CBC)


As of Tuesday, May 9, the City of Gatineau reported it had enough sandbags in its inventory.

Since May 4, volunteers have filled nearly 95,200 sandbags. The city said 43,000 of those were filled Monday afternoon.

People looking to volunteer are asked to check back in the future as more bagging sessions may be organized in the coming days or weeks.

Donations to the Red Cross

For corporate donations related to food, shelter and clothing, contact the Red Cross at 1-800-363-7305 ext. 3622980.

For individual donations: Citizens who wish to donate clothing, food or other materials may contact traditional community organizations such as the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and food banks.

Donations are not being accepted at evacuation centres.


A look at the flooded Touraines neighbourhood just west of Highway 50 in Gatineau on May 8. (Jean Delisle/CBC)

In an update on Monday, May 8, Mayor Jim Watson said the City of Ottawa will likely continue to need volunteers for the next three weeks.

Those interested in helping out are asked to sign up here so work can be allocated where it is needed most. Alternatively, people can register in person at one of the city's three command centres in Cumberland, Constance Bay and Britannia.

Anyone helping with relief efforts is asked to wash their hands after working in the flood, as the water may contain contaminants.

The city is also asking people who are not directly involved in volunteer efforts to avoid flooded areas to help ease congestion.


Those who want to donate clothing, household items and furniture to flood victims can do so at Salvation Army thrift stores. Donated items will not be sold. The city says those in need will receive vouchers they can use to retrieve donated items.

The Red Cross is also accepting donations. To contribute, connect with a local office or call 1-800-418-1111 for more information.


An excavator delivers a load of sandbags in Rockland to help with flood relief. (CBC)

The local flood hotline number is 613-446-1518.

The volunteer registration number is 613-488-2960.

As of 12:15 p.m. Sunday, the municipality says it's out of sandbags but more are en route.

The city is asking residents in urban areas of Rockland to limit water consumption. The rain and the level of the Ottawa River has put pressure on the city's sewer network.

The city says residents can help by taking showers instead of baths, by avoiding using the dishwasher and by limiting laundry.

The city also is asking that — for the security of the volunteers as well as for traffic control — people avoid the flood zone areas, especially the area of Voisine Road and County Road 17.

Boaters are asked to avoid the Ottawa River in the area if you use a motorboat.