Ottawa rapper sings praises of 'CapCity'

Ottawa rapper Peter Joynt has scored some early fans with an unlikely hip-hop ode to the National Capital's greenery, blue skies and high quality of life.

Ottawa rapper Peter Joynt has scored some early fans with an unlikely hip-hop ode to the National Capital's greenery, blue skies and high quality of life.

Joynt's CapCity is a love-letter to the city seemingly devoid of irony, and it's already attracted interest from the Ottawa Senators and local developer Tamarack Homes since it was posted on YouTube two days ago.

"I kind of wanted to write about what Ottawa is truly about and kind of break down the barriers of hip-hop and the street and it needing to be ghetto and having to rep my street cred we do have a lot to be proud of," said Joynt.

Joynt also said Mayor Jim Watson sent him a personal email about the song which Joynt said was "very cool."

While Ottawa is an unlikely subject matter for a rapper, Joynt is also not a typical hip-hop performer. A public servant by day, he showed up for an interview on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning wearing what he described as "business casual."

Joynt also has a speech impediment, but he said rapping is easier than talking for him.

"They teach stutterers to sing when they talk because there's a lot of intonation and it all comes out very smooth and it's a weird right-brain left-brain thing," said Joynt. "Stutterers speak with their right side of the brain and regular people do it with their left. So when people do artistic things like sing or in my case rap it bridges the gap between right and left and allows me to speak fluidly."

Joynt shot the video with photographer friend Paul Galipeau over several days this summer. The video includes shots of the Canada Day celebrations and many of the city's historic buildings and monuments.

Since it was uploaded on Oct. 29, the video has been viewed more than 2,000 times.