Ottawa police chief to meet with mayor after latest shooting

Ottawa's police chief is meeting with the mayor and the chair of the police services board Monday following another gang-related shooting over the weekend.

Man in critical condition in hospital after he was shot twice in back

Riga Private shooting on Saturday

7 years ago
Residents living near Britannia Park upset after man shot twice in back on Saturday afternoon. 2:21

Ottawa's police chief is meeting with the mayor and the chair of the police services board Monday after another gang-related shooting over the weekend.

On Saturday afternoon a man in his 20s police identified as a gang member was shot twice in the back on Riga Private near Britannia Park.

Police said a black, smaller vehicle pulled up and a suspect shot a man twice in the back before driving away. The victim was in critical condition as of Sunday.

One man was shot twice in the back in Ottawa's Ritchie Street area in the city's first shooting of 2015. (CBC)
Officers were canvassing the area of the shooting on Sunday and interviewing witnesses as the guns and gangs unit continues to investigate.

Staff-Sgt. Ken Bryden of the Ottawa police guns and gangs unit said the shooting is believed to be gang-related but said the motive is not clear and the victim's gang affiliation is not yet known.

It was the first gang-related shooting of the new year but comes after a record 49 shootings in 2014.

'People are upset' says Rick Chiarelli

City councillor Rick Chiarelli says residents complaints are pouring in.

"Right now people are upset, they have every reason to be upset," Chiarelli said.

Bordeleau is scheduled to meet Ottawa mayor Jim Watson and Police Services Board chair Eli El-Chantiry Monday afternoon to discuss strategies for dealing with gang violence.

Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau has said shootings in late 2014 were directly linked to the illegal drug trade. (CBC News)
Last week Bordeleau published an open letter to the public saying Ottawans "live in a safe city" and that reported crime was down, but he acknowledged that there has been "an increase in targeted, street gang-related shootings."

"These incidents have taken place across the city, in various neighbourhoods, and with the common linkage being the illegal drug trade, the availability of hand guns, and the increased willingness of street gang members to use them."

Bordeleau had noted in the Jan. 7 letter that police had arrested 83 "gang members and associates" and had laid hundreds of charges.