Ottawa·ELECTION 2018

Ottawa's mayoral candidates give their elevator pitch — literally

Ten candidates. 24 floors. One big pitch to Ottawa voters. We invited the candidates for mayor to give us their elevator pitch.

10 candidates pitch their vision for the city, while rising above it

Here's your chance to see what the people running to lead Ottawa are really like. 3:11

Ten candidates. 24 floors. One vision for Ottawa.

We invited the people running for the city's top job to sell themselves to voters with a literal "elevator pitch."

The candidates were given time to prepare their vision for Ottawa and just 30 seconds to deliver it. 

Then, we brought them into a downtown Ottawa elevator and had some fun.

Our municipal affairs analyst Joanne Chianello put each of the would-be mayors in the hot seat, posing rapid-fire questions like "Shawarma or Beavertails?" and "What's your go-to karaoke song?"

CBC offered this opportunity to all candidates who provided contact information to Elections Ottawa at the start of the campaign.

Bernard Couchman and James T. Sheahan are also registered as mayoral candidates. We will add their elevator pitches if they become available.

Hamid Alakozai

Hamid Alakozai had 24 floors to gave his vision for Ottawa. 0:30

Ahmed Bouragba

Mayoral candidate Ahmed Bouragba only had until our elevator reached the 24th floor. 0:22

Clive Doucet

Watch mayoral candidate Clive Doucet's elevator pitch. 0:26

Joey Drouin

We gave this year's mayoral candidates 30 seconds to pitch their vision for Ottawa. 0:24

Ryan Lythall

We gave candidates 30 seconds to tell you about their vision for Ottawa. 0:24

Craig MacAulay

This is Craig MacAulay's 30-second vision for the future of the city. 0:33

Bruce McConville

This is how Bruce McConville envision's Ottawa's future. 0:30

Michael Pastien

We put Michael Pastien in an elevator and gave him the time it took to get to the top floor. 0:31

Moises Schachtler

We gave Moises Schachtler 30 seconds to tell you what he wants for the city. 0:20

Jim Watson

Incumbent mayor Jim Watson pitches his idea for the city. 0:25