Ottawa man takes up free Tim Hortons coffee trend

For the third time this week across Canada, a man donated cash to cover hundreds of coffees at a Tim Hortons location and the company says it is not a publicity stunt.

Tim Hortons says it wasn't involved in donations for free coffee in Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary

Tim Hortons coffee was handed out for free to about 500 people Thursday morning in Ottawa. It was the third time this week across Canada an anonymous person donated money for free coffees.

An Ottawa man donated cash for the equivalent of hundreds of Tim Hortons coffees, as well as some breakfasts, making it the third identical gesture in Canada this week.

On Thursday morning, the donor gave $860 to pay for the caffeine fix of patrons at Ottawa's Trainyards location, according to the store manager.

The donation, given by an unnamed worker for OC Transpo, ran out in just over an hour, though.

Coffee lovers stormed the Tim Hortons in Ottawa to gulp down the free caffeine fix. The 500 free coffees were gone in just more than an hour. (Jaimie Kehler/CBC)

This comes after a "mystery man" gave a downtown Edmonton Tim Hortons about $900 on Monday, and another person gave the same amount to a Calgary location on Wednesday.

Some thought the donation in Calgary was related to the city's flood clean-up efforts, but it is now unclear with the Good "coffee" Samaritan movement infiltrating Ontario.

Tim Hortons denies involvement in 'random acts'

In all three cases, the person was a man who wanted to remain anonymous, according to Tim Hortons employees, though the anonymity of the third man was partially broken.

There was some debate over whether these acts were hidden moves by Tim Hortons for publicity, but the company sternly denied that.

"It's definitely not Tim Horton's doing, I can assure you of that," said Michelle Robichard, spokeswoman for Tim Hortons.

Robichaud added these were three separate random acts of kindness by Good Samaritans.

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