Ottawa man selling Lego Stephen Harper

An Ottawa man is selling a miniature toy lookalike of Canada's prime minister, assuring he will give all money to charity.
A Lego version of Prime Minister Stephen Harper was created by an Ottawa man and is now on sale online. (Kijiji)

Canada's prime minister is now on sale as a miniature toy on the online site Kijiji.

An Ottawa man is selling a Lego lookalike of Stephen Harper for $50 after creating it while playing with his daughters.

The little toy comes with grey slacks, a black blazer, tie, the trademark Harper hairdo and a slight smirk.

The creator of the Lego version of Harper said on the advertisement he meant no disrespect by the creation.

"Whatever your political leanings, you have to admit it. The PM looks like a Lego figure. He especially looks like this custom Lego figure that I made, right down to the smirk," the ad read.

The advertisement also said money would be donated to charity.

As of Wednesday morning, just more than 300 people visited the listing posted Jan. 6.