#UhOhTrain and other takes from the lighter side of this week's LRT mess

When the going gets tough, the memes start flowing.

If you're not laughing you're crying, and many chose to chuckle

Drawing a blank: Those 'next arrival' signs at Confederation Line stations weren't terribly helpful this week. (Christian Milette/Radio-Canada)

"This is ridiculous. All I can do is laugh."

That quote, from frustrated Confederation Line passenger Austin Tarin on Wednesday, seemed to sum it all up.

For the second-straight morning, Tarin and thousands of other commuters had been crammed onto Confederation Line platforms only to be told the trains weren't coming, and to turn around and pile onto buses instead. 

If you're not laughing you're crying, as they say, and many skilled GIF-makers chose to chuckle. 

There were some choice hashtags, too.

And this one-two punch.

No, the news isn't broken.

The yuks kept coming.

Not even the city's earnest PSA was safe from the jokesters.