What grade would you give the LRT?

Pass? Fail? Needs improvement? We're looking for your report cards on the first six weeks of the Confederation Line.

Pass? Fail? We're looking for your report cards, 6 weeks in

A group of riders takes a selfie at Ottawa's St-Laurent light rail station on Sept. 14, 2019, launch day for the Confederation Line. They seemed happy then — but are they still in a good mood six weeks later? (Andrew Lee/CBC)

It's been 47 days since the mayor and transportation minister pushed a giant novelty button and Ottawa's new $2.1-billion light rail line opened to the public.

The electric trains cut carbon emissions, commute times and vehicle traffic through downtown, have carried millions of rides and serve as a symbolic step forward for the city.

But the LRT network also broke three straight mornings on the first week of full service and had issues four straight days last week, making people late or forcing them back to their cars.

Now that we're more than six weeks in, what do you think?

We're curious what grade from A to F you'd give the Confederation Line — and why.

You can let us know:

  • In the comment section below.
  • By sending us an email.
  • By sending us a tweet, a Facebook comment or a message on either platform.

We'll be sharing some of these reviews in the near future.

Along these same (transit) lines, Kitchissippi Coun. Jeff Leiper will be gathering good and bad LRT stories at Holland Cross near Tunney's Pasture station Saturday afternoon to see if his office can help fix some of those issues.

The city is promising to deliver a "comprehensive" update on the light rail line at a transit commission meeting Wednesday.


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