Ottawa hotel grants amnesty for returned items

The 100-year-old Château Laurier hotel in Ottawa wants people to return stolen items and promises to grant the guilty culprits amnesty.

Ottawa's 100-year-old Château Laurier hotel is celebrating its anniversary by offering an amnesty on anything taken by past hotel guests.

The 100-year-old Chateau Laurier wants stolen items returned but promises not to ask any questions. (Google Streetview)

The hotel is putting the word out to former guests and visitors to return objects, no questions asked.

The objects listed by the hotel include coffee spoons, dishes, menus, ashtrays and doorknobs. There are also specific items such as Grand Trunk cigar boxes, Grand Trunk Limoges dishware, items dating between 1912-1930 and any heritage photographs of celebrities and entertainers.

"We would love to hear how items were obtained, but should the story be one that is better left untold, we will respect the privacy of the donor or lender," said Deneen Perrin, the hotel's public relations director.

The hotel is also interested in collecting photos and personal stories from past guests about their stay at the hotel.

The Château Laurier first opened its doors June 1, 1912.