Ottawa hospital exec salaries disclosed

Ottawa Hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts earned more than $500,000 in base compensation in 2011 but his actual salary will likely be more than $600,000 after performance bonuses have been added.

Ottawa Hospital chief executive Dr. Jack Kitts earns more than $500,000 in base compensation, according to figures published Tuesday, but his actual salary will likely be more than $600,000 after performance bonuses have been added.

The hospital revealed the salaries and benefits of its executives on Tuesday after the Ontario Hospital Association recommended making the information available online to the public.

As of January 1, Ontario hospitals became subject to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act, and many hospitals are publicly disclosing their financial documents before those requests come in.

Tuesday's disclosure shows Kitts earned an annual base compensation for 2011-12 of $517,700.

Performance pay to boost final salary

He is also eligible for an additional 25 per cent of his base salary if he and the hospital met certain goals and objectives. How much of that salary Kitts will earn won't be determined until the fiscal year is completed on March 31.

But if he were to get the full 25 per cent, it would push his salary to $647,125.

That's closer to the $642,071.25 he earned in 2010, according to the Ontario government's annual Sunshine List, which highlights pay for public employees making more than $100,000 a year.

Kitts also received an additional $12,000 annual car allowance as well as benefits, though the amount in benefits was not disclosed. In 2010, Kitts earned $60,646 in benefits, according to the Sunshine List.

Compensation justified, chair says

Carol Workman, who chairs the board of governors at the Ottawa Hospital, said the salaries are below many comparable hospitals in the province.

She said, given the complex responsibilities at the Ottawa hospital, the salaries are justified.

"It's an academic health centre which does the most complex cases of care, oversees and trains future physicians and [does] research," said Workamn. "So a much different mix of challenges than you would find in other hospitals."

What follows is a chart of what the next top five executives earn in compensation for the 2011-2012 fiscal year, and how it compares with their final 2010 salaries.

As the figures show, if the executives earn their performance-based pay, their salaries will be comparable to their 2010 compensation.


2011-12 base compensation

2011-12 total possible compensation*2010-2011 compensation
Gino Picciano, CPO$356,090$445,112$449,564
Dr. Jim Worthington$340,000 (+$20,000 in lieu of clinical stipend)$374,000$373,417
Richard Wilson$280,000$308,000$307,520
Dale Potter$270,000$297,000$296,537
Cameron Love$265,000$291,500$290,148
*Based on executives reaching all goals needed to get additional 10 per cent to compensation. (Picciano is eligible for additional 25 per cent in performance pay).