Ottawa girl, 10, claims death threats in bullying

An Ottawa student says another girl threatened to suffocate her with a bag and stab her after incidents last week. That girl has since been suspended.

Girl, 9, suspended after allegedly saying she would stab, suffocate another girl

An Ottawa mother wants tougher punishment for a student who allegedly uttered death threats to her 10-year-old daughter in a school playground.

Ottawa police are investigating after Angelle Bow's daughter told her about a confrontation with another girl Nov. 14, where her friend was allegedly bullied.

Bow later found out her daughter was threatened after trying to save the friend from the altercation.

"She was going to slap my friend in the face and then she was about to punch her, then I grabbed my friend's arm and pulled her out," said Haylee Bow, 10.

Haylee then told her mother what the girl said to her and her friend immediately afterwards.

"She said that she was going to bring a knife and a bag to school," Haylee said. "[She said] she was going to suffocate me and my friend and stab us with the knife."

Multiple incidents allegedly happened during anti-bullying week

Haylee’s friend brought the alleged incident, which also happened during anti-bullying week, to the principal’s attention.

Angelle Bow says she is sad for her daughter who has now had issues with bullying at two Ottawa elementary schools. (CBC)

Haylee also said the same girl kicked her during an anti-bullying presentation.

The alleged bully was asked to write a letter of apology for her actions and was suspended from St. Marguerite d'Youville Elementary School, which is in south Ottawa.

Instead, Haylee said she received more death threats against her and her mother. She told her mom Tuesday evening the threats escalated.

"[Haylee told me the student] was going to Google their names, find their addresses and she was going to take a knife and she was going to kill their mothers in front of them, make them watch, and the she was going to kill them," Angelle Bow said.

"In the back of my head, I'm thinking this is a nine-year-old. What's going on? I don't understand how a nine-year-old is coming up with this."

Haylee already changed schools due to bullying issues

Bow said she complained to the school and claimed the girl was found in possession of a knife Monday.

Haylee transferred to this new school because she was bullied at her old school, her mother said. The problem has not stopped, though, which has her mother angry at what her daughter has gone through.

"I don't like that she has to deal with this. She should be a happy-go-lucky kid," Bow said.

The Ottawa Catholic school board confirmed to the CBC's Sandra Abma that Bow's daughter had received threats of violence but stopped short of calling the incident bullying.

With files from the CBC's Sandra Abma