Your weather word of the week is 'consistency'

It's sunny and warmer than usual. Again.

Kingston has basically had the exact same daytime high all week


We've had four days in a row with a high in the mid-to-high teens in Ottawa, a streak that's probably going to peter out at six.

This week's daytime highs have been pretty steady in Ottawa, from 18 C on Sunday to 17 C Monday and Tuesday to 16 C yesterday.

May we all strive for the consistency of Kingston's highs this week: 16.5 C, 16.4 C, 16.3 C and 16.3 C.

The Thursday forecast is a high of about 17 C under a mix of sun and cloud.

Tomorrow's high is 17 C as well, after dipping down to 4 C overnight.

Saturday showers

Change is on the way for the long weekend, with a chance of showers Saturday and a high of 14 C.

Pembroke catches the eye that night, with an overnight low of about 0 C and a chance of showers (the region's weather records are spotty when it comes to snowfall, but we can say Ottawa hasn't seen any since April 27).

After a mix of sun and cloud Sunday, clouds should shroud the region from that night into the belated start of the week.


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