Daytime highs around 0 C expected all week

This week offers a pretty steady-looking forecast.

Pretty steady forecast until wet-looking Thursday night

Municipal leaders met in Ottawa this week as the Federation of Canadian Municipalities released its wish-list for the new government's first 100 days in office. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

Consistency is the weather word of the week as we move into late November.

Every day this week offers a forecasted daytime high of either 0, 1 or 2 C in Ottawa.

All but Thursday night into Friday predict a mix of sun and cloud — that night it's looking like it will either snow or rain onto an overnight low of 1 C.

That's the warmest night of a week that otherwise hangs out in the -3 to -6 C range.

The Kingston area will be slightly warmer, most pronounced on Wednesday and Thursday with highs of 5 C and precipitation that may begin earlier than in the capital.

The snow or rain may also fall in the daytime in Pembroke and Maniwaki.

Cold streak hits 13 days

Today's high of 0 C should be reached in late afternoon and quickly starts dropping back down.

That's after a morning wind chill making it feel like -10.

Tonight's wind chill in Maniwaki could make it feel like -14, with a low of -9 C.

Today should be lucky day 13 where Ottawa's daytime high stays stuck below the average.

The forecast suggests that streak may last into the 20s.

Saturday and Sunday broke cold weather records in Ottawa that go back to 1938, with lows of -17 and -14 C, and Friday just missed setting one as well.

Saturday's low of -21 C in Maniwaki was the lowest temperature yet this fall in the region since -22 C happened there on the last day of winter.


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