Extreme cold warnings for eastern Ontario

Ottawa should drop from -1 C early this morning to -26 C tomorrow morning, with a wind chill near -35.

Nearly 10 cm of snow expected in Ottawa by morning, when it could feel like -35

Environment Canada has declared cold weather warnings for eastern Ontario today, tomorrow and potentially into Saturday. (Trevor Brine/CBC)

Yesterday's weather headline started "Pleasant day today" — today definitely won't be.

Expect five centimetres of snow in Ottawa today, another two overnight, and temperatures that have already dropped from a high of -1 C early this morning to -9 C at 10:45 a.m., -12 C by 5 p.m., -18 C by midnight and -26 C by tomorrow morning.

That's colder and quicker than previously expected.

With wind chill, it should feel like -20 this evening and -35 overnight, which is enough for a serious risk of frostbite.

Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for all of eastern Ontario, along with Gatineau.

It's reminding outdoor workers to take regular breaks, and drivers to keep jumper cables and blankets in their vehicles.

Pembroke and Maniwaki are already at the -25 wind chill threshold for a significant frostbite risk as of late morning.

Pembroke is looking at five centimetres of snow today, without much during a night that drops to -30 C. Its wind chill bottoms out at -36.

Kingston is expecting its usual two to three-degree warmer conditions. 

Weather settles as weekend goes on

Tomorrow's high is just -11 C under sunny skies with a bit of wind chill, then it drops down to -20 C overnight with wind chill that could get into the minus 30s again.

Saturday gets up to -5 C and stays around there overnight, while Sunday's high is 0 C.

After that, temperatures get back to around normal for mid-February.

There could be snow to end Ontario's long weekend Monday night.


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