Wild temperature drop underway

It's quite rare the temperature drops as much in a day in Ottawa as it should today.

8 C in capital at 5 a.m., could feel like -15 by midnight

A field in the rural south Ottawa community of North Gower in late November 2019. (CBC)

It's quite rare the temperature drops as much in a day in Ottawa as it should today.

The capital was at 8 C at 6 a.m., but down to 2 C at 11 a.m. and should drop to -10 C by midnight, with a wind chill making it feel like -15.

That's an 18-degree temperature drop; Ottawa's seen four days this year when it went down 19 degrees and two that took a 21-degree plunge: Jan. 16 (1 C to -19 C) and June 9 (30 C to 9 C).

There was a flash freeze warning in effect for the Shawville area that ended at about 11:25 a.m.

At 11 C at 6 a.m., the Cornwall was the warmest spot in Ontario. It's expected to drop 20 degrees to -9 C by midnight.

The upper Ottawa Valley isn't getting as warm, with a 2 C reading in Pembroke at 6 a.m. expected to reach down to -16 C overnight.

Tonight's overnight low of -21 C in Maniwaki with wind chill making it feel about -25 is frostbite risk territory.

Ottawa has a  chance of flurries this afternoon as it gets colder.

Tomorrow brings a mix of sun and cloud and a chance of flurries with a high of -4 C and an even colder night expected to drop to -19 C.

There's about five centimetres of sometimes-blowing snow expected in Kingston tomorrow, with an overnight low of -14 C.

Pembroke and Maniwaki's overnight lows are in the low minus twenties.

Thursday's high only gets up to -8 C, though at least it will be sunny in most places. There could be some snow that night around Maniwaki.

Looking ahead to the weekend, Saturday still offers a mix of rain and snow in Ottawa, with snow expected Sunday.

Rain alone is expected Saturday in Cornwall.


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