Ottawa-Gatineau tornado damage in video and photos

Hydro poles snapped into pieces, trees crushed homes and debris from flattened homes spread throughout neighbourhoods as part of the devastation from the Friday tornado in the Ottawa-Gatineau, Que., area. Photos by CBC journalists and residents capture the aftermath of the twister.

Homes destroyed, cars crushed and hydro poles snapped in National Capital Region

RAW: Ottawa-Gatineau tornado footage

4 years ago
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Strong winds cause massive power outages and destroy homes

Aftermath of a storm

Downed trees and power lines have left thousands of residents without electricity on both sides of the Ottawa River following a tornado, high winds and rain that swept through Ottawa and Gatineau, Que., on Friday. Some in the hardest-hit areas are dealing with damaged or destroyed homes, and several people were taken to hospital.

RAW: Severe damage in aftermath of Ottawa-Gatineau tornado

4 years ago
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Video footage from Friday and Saturday shows damage to homes and structures after tornado rips through area
Hydro poles in the Greenbank/Hunt Club area of Ottawa were damaged by high winds Friday. Hydro Ottawa President Bryce Conrad said damage to electric infrastructure could take days to restore. (Leah Hansen/CBC)
Residents of the Mont Bleu neighbourhood of Gatineau, Que. began the process of cleaning up on Saturday, a day after a tornado and high winds swept through the Ottawa-Gatineau region. (Michel Aspirot/Radio-Canada)
A tree smashed through the roof of a townhouse in the Craig Henry neighbourhood of Ottawa during the storms that hit the National Capital Region. (Leah Hansen/CBC)

Flyover reveals devastation in Ottawa-Gatineau region

A helicopter view at midday Saturday shows the path of destruction from Friday's tornado and related storms.

Aerial footage shows scale of destruction from tornado near Ottawa

4 years ago
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Twisters ripped through Ottawa area and neighbouring Quebec, flattening dozens of homes, trees and electrical towers.

Heavy damage in Dunrobin, Ont.

The tornado's path went through the small community of Dunrobin in Ottawa's west end, leaving 60 homes destroyed or damaged. Five people from the area were taken to hospital with serious injuries, officials said.

This home was completely flattened by the Ottawa tornado in Dunrobin. (Jennifer Chevalier/CBC )
The roof of this strip mall in Dunrobin was partially torn off. (Jennifer Chevalier/CBC)
A young couple surveys the damage to their home following a tornado in Dunrobin, Ont. on Friday. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)
People collect personal effects from damaged homes following a tornado the small community west of Ottawa. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)
Some of the aftermath of Friday's tornado in Dunrobin. (Nicole Novotny)

Golf ball-sized hail

During the twister, large hail hit the community.

A picture of some of the hail that came down in Dunrobin. (@Wellsie/Twitter)

Car caught in fallen tree

Despite the mounting damage, people in Ottawa found humour. Heather Badenoch tweeted this photo with the caption "Car in a tree. No, the other car."

Seeing trees on cars isn't unusual in the wake of the Ottawa tornado. (Heather Badenoch)

Debris blows through Dunrobin

With several buildings in Dunrobin destroyed, debris spread through the area. 

A car lies destroyed in the aftermath of Ottawa's tornado. (Nicole Nivotny)

Streets littered with fallen wires

Hydro poles hung in twisted power lines over Greenbank Road in Ottawa's west end. 

Greenbank Road in Ottawa is among the areas affected by the tornado. (@Marsbarpants/Twitter)

Roof tears off building

In Gatineau, Que. a roof was ripped from a building on Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes.

A car rests under debris on Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes in Gatineau. (Toni Choueiri/CBC)

Stark images of destruction linger

Objects thrown by high winds sit in stark contrast with a darkening sky.

Some of the aftermath of the tornado in Dunrobin. (Matt Day)

Sun sets on damaged homes

Some houses seemed almost untouched, surrounded by fallen trees.

The sky's beauty juxtaposed with the destruction in this area of Dunrobin. (Reno Patry/CBC)

Nepean storm damage

Some of the storm damage near Riverbrook Road in Nepean. 

Some of the storm damage in the Arlington area. (David Caughey)

A community united

Neighbours worked together to clear a street of a fallen tree.

Neighbours worked together to clear a street of a fallen tree after a severe storm ripped through Ottawa. (Heather Badenoch)

And amidst it all ... a dog rescue

While covering the devastation in Dunrobin Friday evening, freelance journalist Matt Day found himself involved in an unlikely rescue.