Scenes from the snowstorm

There's a fresh, deep layer of snow on the ground this morning.
Cynthia had to commemorate the drift left at the end of her driveway. (@UnionGal2357/Twitter)

Good morning!

There's a fresh layer of snow in Ottawa.

A cyclist heads west at the intersection of Wellington Street W. and Holland Avenue in Ottawa early Feb. 13, 2019. (Giacomo Panico/CBC)
Radio-Canada journalist Stéphane Leclerc captured this photo of the snow piled up against his door, which left a mark when he opened it. (Stéphane Leclerc/Radio-Canada)
Snow-clearing crews were out early in Ottawa. (Claudine Richard/CBC)
The sun rises over the Metcalfe area in south Ottawa. (Noreen Dertinger)

The roads are messy

it takes horsepower to push last night's snow away. (Giacomo Panico/CBC)

But traffic is light.

People are improvising.

Steve Mihorean skis down Sparks Street. (Jean Delisle/CBC)
Gatineau police were patrolling the streets with snowmobiles and ATVs early Wednesday morning. (CBC)

Dogs are happy.

(Brittany Myers/Facebook)
'My dog managed to get outside, but I had to shovel for her to make it up the stairs.' (Sandy Mulloy/Facebook)


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