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Ottawa gangs and the rising number of shootings

This week, CBC Ottawa examines the issue of gangs in Ottawa and the impact of increased gun violence on communities after 2014 saw the highest number of shooting incidents in the city's history.

CBC Ottawa's 'Under the Gun' investigates the issue of gangs and crime guns

The increased use of crime guns has Ottawa police increasing its focus on gangs in the nation's capital. (CBC)

This week, CBC Ottawa will look at several facets of gang activity in the city and the use of crime guns in our series, "Under the Gun."

In 2014, there were 49 cases of shots fired in Ottawa — a record number for one year. That has pushed Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson to hold several meetings to deal with the issue of guns and gangs in Ottawa.

That includes additional staff in the Ottawa police's guns and gangs unit.

Our four-part series looks at the cogs in the wheel of Ottawa's guns and gangs problem. You can find details of the series below.

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What's happening with Ottawa gangs?

On Tuesday, Judy Trinh looks at what's behind the sharp rise in gunfire in 2014 and the connection to Ottawa gangs.

In this clip, Staff Sgt. Ken Bryden from the Ottawa police guns and gangs unit talks about the current gang situation.

Where are the guns coming from?

On Wednesday, Ashley Burke examines where the guns are coming from and who's pulling the trigger.

In this clip, a local man speaking on the condition of anonymity discusses what he's seen on Ottawa streets and what motivates people to own guns.

How do shooting incidents affect Ottawa residents?

On Thursday, we look at the people living in communities ravaged by gangs and crime guns. Stu Mills and Ashley Burke look at the neighbourhoods where the shots are being fired and how the violence is changing those communities.

In this clip, local resident Anita Wade talks about living on Penny Drive and recalls a recent nearby shooting incident.

How do children or young men stay away from gangs?

On Friday, Steve Fischer and Stu Mills finish our series by looking at what is being done to keep young men out of gangs, and at one community that made an anti-gang strategy stick.

We also look at what people would like to see done in their neighbourhoods.