No kidding around, roaming goat gets new home

A little white goat found wandering in Orléans is on its way to a new home on a farm.

Lost animal found wandering in Orléans surrendered to bylaw

Bylaw officer Erin Doyle feeds the goat, which has now been relocated to a farm. (Ottawa Bylaw )

A little white goat found wandering in Orléans is on its way to a new home on a farm.

A spokesperson for Ottawa's bylaw department said a resident found the animal near Trim Road and Highway 174 a few days ago and initially took it in before surrendering it to the Ottawa Humane Society.

The humane society, which doesn't have the resources to handle livestock, called bylaw for backup, Alison Sandor said.

Sandor said ordinarily the department would attempt to figure out where the lost animal came from, but there were no farms near the spot where the goat was found.

"We weren't able to find exactly where he came from," Sandor said.

Livestock, including goats, aren't allowed in parts of the city not zoned for agriculture.

Sandor said someone within the department has a connection with a farm, and that's where the goat — whose name isn't known — will go to live.