Water pipes bursting as temperature rises, firefighters say

Ottawa firefighters say they received several calls to clean up after water pipes burst Sunday, and expect to keep getting them as the weather continues to warm up.

Firefighters say trouble starts when frozen pipe starts to thaw and water runs into ice

Ottawa firefighters help clean up after a pipe burst in a downtown gym Sunday afternoon. (Andrew Foote/CBC)

Ottawa firefighters say they received several calls to clean up after water pipes burst Sunday and expect to keep getting them as the capital's temperature rises.

Late Sunday afternoon, firefighters were called to what the City of Ottawa confirmed was a broken pipe at the GoodLife gym on Queen Street.

The broken pipe left a few centimetres of water on the street. GoodLife says the club is temporarily closed for "unscheduled but necessary maintenance."

More calls coming

City firefighters said they expect the calls will continue until Tuesday evening, as the temperature rises from the minus 20s to near the freezing mark.

Pipes burst when water thaws and begins to flow — but then runs into other, still-frozen parts of the pipe and builds up pressure, the fire department said.

The City of Ottawa was also reminding residents this weekend about the perils of frozen pipes.

The City of Toronto has been warning its citizens about the possibility of broken watermains and potholes as the extreme cold snap that's gripped much of Ontario comes to an end.