Fearing a jinx, Boston mayor stays out of NHL playoff bet with Ottawa

Boston's mayor has a bad history with playoff bets, so he's steering clear of a public wager for the first round of the NHL playoffs.

Ottawa mayor bets with U.S. embassy: BeaverTails for Boston cream pie

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh made a bet with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre in 2014. The Bruins were Presidents' Trophy winners, but lost the series. (Twitter)

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is keeping his hands clean of sports betting once again, refusing to engage with Ottawa's mayor ahead of the first round of the NHL playoffs.

Instead, Jim Watson made a food-related bet with the U.S. Embassy, he announced Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, Walsh, who was burned badly by bets in 2014, decided to steer clear of public wagers, according to Watson.

Last year, he told local media his record in playoff bets "is not good."

He referenced a playoff game in the National Football League from 2014 when the New England Patriots lost to the Denver Broncos.

He didn't bet in 2015 and the Patriots won the Super Bowl, so he has stuck with that plan.

The Patriots also won the Super Bowl just over two months ago.

Walsh was also burned in 2014 when the Bruins played the Montreal Canadiens in the second round of the NHL playoffs.

Walsh made a bet with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, but the Bruins lost the series — even though they were the NHL's best team that year.