'Lost' boa constrictor found — in owner's basement

A boa constrictor thought to have disappeared from its owner's Westboro home has been found safe and sound, and it turns out it didn't slither very far.

1.5-metre snake thought missing from Westboro home for more than a week

Murphy, a grey and black boa constrictor, has been found safe and sound, owner Karen Genge confirmed Monday. (Karen Genge)

A boa constrictor thought to have disappeared from its owner's Westboro home has been found safe and sound, and it turns out it didn't slither very far.

Karen Genge reported her 1.5-metre snake Murphy missing Aug. 10.

Genge said she thought the snake had escaped through an open door, but now it appears that's not what happened.

"He was actually in my basement somewhere," she said Monday. "He was fine. Cold but fine."

Genge's home is undergoing renovations, and she believes the noise and vibration finally drove Murphy out from wherever he was hiding.

While the thought of a missing boa constrictor lurking in the undergrowth made some of her neighbours nervous, both Genge and reptile experts insisted the snake posed no danger to humans.

Genge had offered a $300 reward to anyone who found Murphy. She said many people helped hunt for the snake.

"I am really pleased that so many people searched for him."

Ottawa's bylaw department also issued an alert about the missing boa. The city bans some types of pet snakes and owners can face fines, but officials said they didn't know whether Genge's snake is legal or not without seeing it.

The city said the matter is still under investigation.