Ottawa artist Nichola Feldman Kiss explores childhood, memory and politics in new show

Videos, installations, mechanical and digital contraptions are all part of artist Nichola Feldman Kiss's new exhibition at the Ottawa Art Gallery.

Kiss's retrospective at the Ottawa Art Gallery until Feb. 7

Ottawa artist tours new show at the Ottawa Art Gallery. 2:05

Local artist Nichola Feldman Kiss has returned to Ottawa from her new home in Toronto to bring her retrospective show Witness to the Ottawa Art Gallery.  

It's an exhibition that showcases a wide range of expression from this multimedia artist, who employs digital art and mechanical inventions, video installations, commercial signs and even Scotch tape in her creations.

A pioneer in early digital art, Feldman Kiss is preoccupied with issues of identity, childhood memory and world politics.

Walking through the gallery one will encounter, electronic butterflies, early digital correspondence, a camera eye and an upside down teddy bear. 

You can see a short tour of the exhibition in the video above.

The show runs at the Ottawa Art Gallery until Feb. 7.