A rink in time: Help us ID these skating scenes from Ottawa's past

We combed the archives for these old photos, but we're missing some details.

We combed the archives for these old photos, but we're missing some details

'A group of young ladies from Ottawa Ladies College posed with snowshoes by a residential skating rink, circa 1910.' (City of Ottawa Archives)

Wintry weather has arrived in Ottawa earlier than usual, and with it, the perennial question: Is the rink open yet?

As the outdoor skating season approaches, we combed the archives for a look back at some scenes from the past.

We'd like your help filling in some of the blanks, though.

Where's this?

We're told this gang of kids was photographed in 1955, but not where. (City of Ottawa Archives)

Here was the scene in front of what's now Ottawa City Hall. Any idea when?

In the background, you can see Cartier Square Drill Hall, built in 1879. 'Where Ottawa City Hall is located today used to be an open field used for drilling and training' by soldiers, according to the Governor General's Foot Guards. (City of Ottawa Archives)

There is, of course, another rink there today.

Ottawa's Rink of Dreams opened at City Hall in 2012. (Mathieu Fleury/Twitter)

No location for this one either. Any clues?

'Orphans playing hockey' in January 1956. (City of Ottawa Archives)

The info on these is a bit more complete.

This one's labelled 'Ducharme school blessing of new rink' in 1957. (City of Ottawa Archives)
A group including then governor general Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound skates on the Ottawa River in 1901. Victoria Island and what's now the Chaudière Bridge can be spotted in the background. (William James Topley/Library and Archives)
'Skating at Rideau Hall' in March 1911. (William James Topley/Library and Archives Canada)


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