Air passengers still ignoring banned items list, CATSA says

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is showing off a few of the more unusual items that have been left behind at Ottawa airport security, in the hopes that other passengers will learn.

Maple syrup? Nope. Rock salts? Sorry. Pool cues? Forget it

Christina Langlois, a spokesperson for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, holds up some of the items that had to be abandoned at the Ottawa airport. In case it isn't immediately obvious, pool cues are not allowed on board. (Hallie Cotnam/CBC)

You'd think that by now, most air travellers would know there are limits on what they can take through airport security and onto the plane.

But based on the rejected carry-on items still being left with security guards at the Ottawa airport, it seems that message hasn't sunk in with everyone.

On Monday, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) seized on the educational opportunity by showing off a few of the more unusual things that have been left behind.

No, you can't carry on that big bottle of pure Canadian maple syrup for your relatives in the U.S.

And peanut butter? Sorry, if it's spreadable, it counts as a liquid.

If you're going to bring liquids, each has to be in a container no bigger than 100 ml, and all of them have to fit in a single clear, resealable, one-litre plastic bag. Here's a complete rundown on how to properly handle the liquid situation.

No snow globes. There's liquid in there. (Hallie Cotnam/CBC)

Here's your cue to pack it in checked luggage

You also can't carry on a pool cue — even if it's disassembled and in its original packaging.

"Somebody tried to bring it as a carry-on, and it's not allowed. It's pointy, it's long," CATSA spokesperson Christine Langlois told CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning in an interview at the airport on Monday.

Christina Langlois, a spokesperson for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, explains restrictions on airplane carry-on items. Her selection of props included objects surrendered by passengers at airport security in Ottawa. 0:44

Some other weird stuff left behind at the Ottawa airport? A container of pink rock salt and a jar of jam.

Don't be that guy holding up the line at security with your artisanal salts, OK? Don't do it.

And listen. We know it's winter and you want to get into the spirit, but no snow globes.

There's liquid in there, too.

Let's get it together, folks.

Listen to the entire interview with Langlois below.

Hallie Cotnam is at the airport and she is getting a look at some of the more unusual items surrendered at security. 7:09

With files from CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning


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