Ottawa airport offers last-ditch chance to chuck cannabis

Ottawa's main airport has two dedicated cannabis disposal bins for people about to leave the country — and they're not exactly bursting with buds.

Canadian capital's bins haven't been used enough to call police for pickup and disposal

Signs such as these were installed at Canadian airports around the time recreational cannabis became legal in October. (Stephanie Kelly/CBC)

So you've made your way to Ottawa's main airport for an international trip, bringing your passport, some of your destination's preferred currency … and a couple of joints you honestly forgot were in your bag.

Don't worry. Airport officials have planned ahead.

The Ottawa International Airport Authority has joined other Canadian airports such as Edmonton and Halifax in setting up disposal bins after recreational cannabis became legal in October.

It's legal for people age 19 and up to fly with the allowed amount of cannabis within Canada, but it's not legal to bring cannabis across an international border.

The airport authority said Tuesday it has set up two bins at its two security areas for people who may have forgotten they have legal cannabis that's about to become illegal.

This bin sits at the Ottawa International Airport's security checkpoint, so people about to board a U.S. flight can dump any cannabis on them. (jpan08/Reddit)

It has an agreement with Ottawa police to come empty the bins if staff notice there are more than 30 grams inside them.

The cannabis would then be seized and destroyed.

Ottawa police said Tuesday they hadn't yet been called to empty them.

The airport authority said that overall, it hadn't had any issues with cannabis since its recreational use was legalized.