Ottawa accused killer's preliminary hearing on hold

The preliminary hearing for a man accused of killing three Ottawa woman has been adjourned because of potential new evidence in the case.

Police find human bones from thigh, arm, fingers at Camille Cleroux's old townhouse

Human remains dig done

11 years ago
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The preliminary hearing has been adjourned after human remains were found at the former home of Camille Cleroux.

The preliminary hearing for a man accused of killing three Ottawa women has been put on hold while police investigate the discovery of human bones in south Ottawa.

Camille Cleroux, 57, is accused of killing three women and is facing three first-degree murder charges.

The assistant Crown attorney asked for Cleroux's preliminary hearing to be adjourned while police analyze the human remains found at Cleroux's former home on Heatherington Road in south Ottawa earlier this week.

An archeological dig and investigation into the remains wrapped up Friday. Ottawa police have found two thigh bones, part of a forearm and numerous finger bones wrapped in butcher paper, the Crown divulged Friday.

Police take DNA samples from remains

It was also learned that police have taken DNA samples from the remains and now have DNA samples courtesy of the family of Lisa Roy.

Roy, missing since 1990, is one of Cleroux's alleged victims and one of his former wives who lived with him at the Heatherington Rd. townhouse.

The remains will be sent to the Centre for Forensic Science and Medicine in Toronto for assessment and forensic identification. The forensic assessment of the DNA could take between three weeks and three months to complete.

Jean Rock, another of Cleroux's former wives has been missing since 2003. Her body has yet to be recovered.

The only body found from Cleroux's three alleged victims was Paula Leclair, 64, who was discovered in June 2010.

The preliminary hearing is set to resume Nov. 30 when the lawyers and judge will review any new details from the police investigation.