Canada 150: Ottawa teams up with Roots for official merch

The City of Ottawa has partnered with Roots in advance of Canada's 150th birthday to create Ottawa 2017 clothing and accessories.

Portion of sales proceeds will help fund Canada's 2017 birthday party in the capital

Maple leaf sunglasses, umbrella hats, T-shirt and socks are common in the capital on Canada Day but as our country's 150th birthday approaches, the city has teamed up with Roots to create official Ottawa 2017 merchandise. 

Roots co-founder Michael Budman was at the Roots store at the Rideau Centre on Thursday to unveil a line of scarves, toques, jackets and leather bags made for the 150th celebration of Confederation.

More merchandise will be created, including blankets, T-shirts and accessories, in time for fall 2016 sales. The Ottawa 2017 clothing and accessories will also be sold in some Asian markets, including Ottawa's sister city, Beijing.

A portion of the sales will help fund the big birthday bash in the capital.

Toques and scarves make some of the Roots merchandise developed for Ottawa's celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary of confederation. (Michel Aspirot/CBC)
This toque was designed by Roots for Canada's 150th birthday in Ottawa (Chloe Fedio/CBC)
Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson models an Ottawa 2017 Roots jacket. (Chloe Fedio/CBC)
Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson models the back of an Ottawa 2017 Roots jacket. (Chloe Fedio/CBC)
The Ottawa 2017 Roots merchandise includes leather accessories. (Chloe Fedio/CBC)
Ottawa 2017 Roots scarves on display at the Rideau Centre store. (Michel Aspirot/CBC)
Ottawa councillors Jean Cloutier (left) and Mathieu Fleury (right) hold out trays of promotional Ottawa 2017 cookies as some Roots merchandise for Canada's 150th birthday is unveiled. (Chloe Fedio/CBC)