Diver dies during plane crash recovery near Deep River, Ont.

A diver helping recover a plane that had crashed in the Ottawa River died Saturday when he became entangled in a rope and could not surface.

OPP identify diver who died as John Beevis, 56, of Laurentian Valley Township

A diver drowned in the Ottawa River near Deep River, Ont., on Saturday while attempting to aid in the recovery of a plane that had crashed just the day before.

The small plane crashed into the river last Friday around 6:30 p.m, according to Ontario Provincial Police.

The plane was coming out of the Deep River airport when it lost power and the pilot made an emergency landing near Balmer Bay, which is near Laurentian Hills.

The 49-year-old pilot — only person in the plane — suffered only minor injuries and swam to shore.

The following morning a diver involved in the recovery operation became entangled in a rope attached to the plane and was unable to surface, police said.

Many OPP units and several local first responders rushed to the scene after a 911 call but they were unable to rescue the diver. Members of the OPP's Underwater Search and Recovery Unit recovered the body later on Saturday.

The diver has been identified as John Beevis, 56, of the Laurentian Valley Township.

Police said an autopsy will be conducted and the investigation is continuing.