OPP constable delivers baby girl in detachment parking lot

A newborn baby girl spent her first minutes resting in a jail cell after being delivered in the parking lot of an Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Sharbot Lake, Ont., early Saturday morning.

Couple were 30 minutes away from nearest hospital, stopped at Sharbot Lake detachment for help

An Ontario Provincial Police constable helped deliver a baby in the police station parking lot in Sharbot Lake on Saturday morning. (CBC)

A newborn baby girl spent her first minutes resting in a jail cell after being delivered in the parking lot of an Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Sharbot Lake, Ont., early Saturday morning.

At 6:30 a.m., Const. Lori Lobinowich was told that a man and a woman were driving to the parking lot. They were a 30-minute drive away from the nearest hospital and the woman was in labour.

When the couple arrived at the Sharbot Lake OPP detachment, paramedics hadn't yet arrived.

"It was evident that there wasn't any waiting for the ambulance. The wife was having the baby," Lobinowich said.

Since the woman's spouse was talking to paramedics on the phone, it was up to Lobinowich to deliver the baby, she said.

"There was no getting her to walk into the detachment, so pretty much after I saw the baby's head, the baby was born," she said.

Paramedics advised not to cut the cord but said to take the mother somewhere where she could lie down with the newborn.

It was still dark out and -15C, so Lobinowich said she led them into the police station to the best place she could think of.

"It doesn't sound nice, but our cells are very clean and under the circumstances we did what we needed to do to make her most comfortable," she said.

Paramedics arrived at about 6:45 a.m. to take the family to a hospital in Perth, Ont., where they were said to be doing well. The baby girl is the mother's sixth child.