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Join CBC's Rita Celli for a down-to-earth, thought-provoking and province-wide open line show. Join the conversation by calling in at 1-888-817-8995.

Join the conversation by calling in at 1-888-817-8995


Join CBC's Rita Celli, host of Ontario Today, for down-to-earth, and thought-provoking conversations.

Warm, smart, and tough, Rita is a veteran journalist who dives into every kind of debate in this lively radio forum.

Don't know what your neighbours think? Find out in the province's largest open line show. Unscripted and honest, the dynamic debates will get you thinking. Callers often tell secrets they have never told anyone.

Ontario Today brings together more than 700,000 listeners.

You can take part in the conversation by calling 1-888-817-8995.

Join a province-wide open line discussion weekdays at noon.