Ontario condo has Santa clause

A condo development in one community west of Ottawa will be ready for Santa Claus's arrival Christmas Eve — in fact, it's the law.

Legal document protects Santa Claus, condo residents

A condo development in one community west of Ottawa will be ready for Santa Claus's arrival Christmas Eve — in fact, it's the law.

Stephen Brathwaite, a redeveloper in Almonte, got his lawyer to make sure Santa has the right-of-way on a condo at the old Victoria Woollen Mill.  

The clause reads, in part, that "upon reasonable notice and presentation of satisfactory identification, during the months of November and December, the Corporation shall allow Santa Claus, his reindeer and his helpers access to the roof of the building."

Brathwaite, who is also an artist and puppeteer, said the condo purchasers all signed off on the clause.

Santa Claus, shown here over Auckland, New Zealand, has been given legal clearance to land on a condo west of Ottawa. (NORAD)

"When the building was switched to a condominium we needed to make sure that all the future owners were OK with Santa landing on the roof," he said.

Braithwaite, well known in the town for renovating many of the historic buildings in town, has thought of everything: heritage carpentry, limestone facades and the Santa clause.

The law also applies restrictions on Santa.

"We wanted to make sure…everyone had proof of his identity [and] clear legal documentation that he had his liability insurance in place," he said. 

The last line is aimed at the reindeer, warning that the municipal stoop-and-scoop bylaw will apply.

Despite those rules, Brathwaite's real estate lawyer Debbie Bellinger, who drafted the clause, said the deal is also about protecting Santa.

"It was particularly important that we do what we could to protect Santa's rights," she said. "We're surprised that we haven't been approached by Wiarton Willy or the Easter Bunny, but that may come."

Lawyers believe it's the only condo agreement in Canada with a Santa clause.