Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco

Reporter, producer and news anchor

Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco likes to chase the people behind the stories. His pursuit of documentary storytelling has taken him across Canada and to remote areas in Africa. In his off time, you'll find him engaging in extreme sports around the globe. You can reach Omar at

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Downtown condo residents left 'vulnerable' after Canada Post key stolen

A group of Ottawa condominium directors is blaming Canada Post for having antiquated mail delivery policies after a 'master key' that unlocks several downtown residential buildings ended up in the hands of thieves.

Pandemic brings pot shops, bike couriers together — but what happens when it ends?

A team of Ottawa bike couriers has found some measure of economic stability delivering cannabis during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there's uncertainty over what will happen once Ontario's emergency orders are lifted.

Bike thefts spiking during COVID-19 pandemic, police warn

The force's break and enter unit says it's seen a spike in thefts from sheds, garages and the storage areas of residential buildings.

Family facing eviction over noisy kids during pandemic 

A family with three young children is looking for a new home after being served an eviction notice for complaints the kids were being too loud while at home during isolation.

Indigenous families given new lease on life as pandemic opens up housing options

After fleeing an abusive household, Mary Jean Hookimaw and her four young children were forced to stay with a friend. Then came the pandemic, and the financial help they needed to find a place to call their own.

Refugee women overwhelmed by support during pandemic

Some refugee women in Ottawa fleeing violence and abuse say they're overwhelmed by the enormous community support that's helped cover their basic needs through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

People with disabilities forced to rely on family as PSW options dwindle

The coronavirus pandemic has forced some people living with disabilities into a difficult choice — either suspend visits by personal support workers (PSWs) and find alternative care, or continue them and risk infection.

CERB 'a slap in the face' for Ontarians scraping by on disability payments

Some Ontarians who rely on provincial disability support say the federal government's new emergency benefit for people affected by COVID-19 is laying bare a double standard when it comes to the question of what's considered a livable income.

New respite centre for Ottawa's homeless to 'make a big difference'

The COVID-19 pandemic is making a bad situation worse for many of Ottawa's homeless residents since most of the public facilities with bathrooms and showers have closed their doors.   

'I need to go outside': Pandemic rules prove tough for families in apartments

Strict new rules for Ottawa’s parks are creating a new set of problems for families who live in apartments with no access to private green spaces.

Check out training day with the Ottawa police motorcycle crew

A specialized unit of the Ottawa Police Service is sharpening its motorcycle skills ahead of another busy season escorting VIPs through the city safely.

Chemo's no obstacle for this boy and his bot

When 11-year-old Hugo Roy can't go to school because he's undergoing chemotherapy, a robot attends class for him.
Personal Essay

Why I still ride after a motorcycle crash

The CBC's Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco explains why he decided to jump back on a motorcycle after a scary crash on Highway 417.

Playoff payoff brings business to Sens Mile

Whether it's cheering on a victory or drowning out a defeat, Elgin Street pub owners are noticing a boost in their business from the Ottawa Senators playoff run.

No flood relief for cottage owners in Renfrew County

Dozens of cottage owners in Renfrew County affected by flooding west of Ottawa are finding out they won't qualify for government flood relief money to repair their damaged properties.