Occupy Ottawa injunction possible after eviction

The National Capital Commission handed out eviction notices Monday to Occupy Ottawa protesters camped out in Confederation Park, but protesters could seek a legal injunction.
Occupy Ottawa protester Francesco Palozzi burns the eviction notice he was handed by National Capital Commission workers Monday. (CBC)

The National Capital Commission handed out eviction notices Monday to Occupy Ottawa protesters camped out in Confederation Park.

The protesters must leave by 11:59 p.m. Monday and cease all activities "immediately," the notice reads.

"All tents, structures, equipment, debris and other personal belongings used for these activities must be removed from Confederation Park on or before 11:59 p.m.," the notice also said.

"Failing which, the NCC, its agents or peace officers, may take the necessary steps to remove all such items without further notice and at the owner’s risk."

NCC CEO Marie Lemay said she tried to strike a delicate balance when deciding to evict Occupy Ottawa protesters. (CBC)

Ottawa police have been asked by the NCC to enforce the Trespassing Act beginning at midnight, but NCC CEO Marie Lemay said she still hopes for a "respectful, peaceful resolution."

Protesters find silver lining in eviction notice

Some protesters said they would stay until police removed them, while others said they would obey the eviction order. There was still a silver lining, though, in the eyes of some protesters.

"I'm not happy with it," said Occupy Ottawa protester Francesco Palozzi, "I'm not discouraged. We've already won."

Protesters are set for a 6:30 p.m. ET meeting at Confederation Park and they could seek a legal injunction after the eviction notice. New York protesters earlier returned to their site thanks to a court order after police tore the camp down.

Palozzi added the movement made a statement throughout the community and would continue to have an impact. Notices dated Monday were being tied to protesters' tents throughout Confederation Park. The notices said the tents would be held for 15 days so they could be retrieved by protesters.

At an afternoon news conference, Lemay added she began to worry about the protest when the campers began to "winterize" their tents. She also said the park might be closed for a time to bring it back to public standards.

This is the fifth week of the Occupy Ottawa protest, but it also comes as protesters in cities across Canada are being evicted from their camps.

Toronto protesters also received a second set of eviction notices Monday after returning to St. James Park.