OC Transpo riders raise a stink about overflowing garbage at bus stops

Overflowing trash bins at bus stops are becoming a frequent occurrence, and some riders on OC Transpo think it stinks no one seems to be emptying them.

Trash bins with advertising are private contractor's responsibility, city and bus company say

Overflowing trash bins upset OC Transpo riders

6 years ago
The aroma of overflowing garbage bins at bus stops is raising the ire of passengers. 1:30

Pizza boxes, ice cream cups and other pieces of garbage line the road at the OC Transpo stop at Meadowlands Drive and Merivale Road, but that's just one example of what riders say call a problem that's piling up.

"It's really gross," said Hannah Carter, standing across the street from the bus stop.

"You see sticky stuff just oozing out. You don't really know what it is or how long it's been there."

The trash container that's built into the bus stop bench is overflowing — and judging from what people are saying across the city, it's not the only one.

According to their website, OC Transpo is responsible for maintaining garbage cans along the Transitway and at major terminals, but not the trash bins that are affixed to bus stop benches.

Private contractor responsible, OC Transpo says

Those are maintained by private contractor Creative Outdoor Advertising, according to the City of Ottawa.

Rahil Deschenes said she's seen garbage piling up near her bus stop for months.

"The McDonald's isn't too far, so there's junk on the floor," Deschenes said, "So there's junk on the floor, smells bad, it's not cool."

The City of Ottawa did not respond to a request for more information on Monday.


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