Lose a fishing net? Forgotten bus items up for grabs at OC Transpo sale

It's not clear exactly how a metre-long fishing net ended up left on an Ottawa bus, but it was — along with toques, wallets and hundreds of other items on sale Saturday afternoon.

Proceeds of twice-annual sale go to local charities

A man holds a watch that was left on an OC Transpo bus and was up for grabs Saturday afternoon at the twice-annual unclaimed items sale. (CBC)

If you recently left something on an Ottawa bus, there's a good chance it was on display Saturday afternoon — with a price tag attached.

For two hours, bargain seekers picked through toques, umbrellas, wallets and jewellery at OC Transpo's semi-annual unclaimed items sale.

About 30,000 items get left on city buses each year, said Moe Moloughney, the executive director of Heartwood House, which administers OC Transpo's lost-and-found program.

"Somebody, most recently, lost a vacuum cleaner on a bus," Moloughney said. "So I always find it unique to think about what was going on in that person's mind, at that moment."

Heartwood House executive director Moe Moloughney says the goal of Saturday's unclaimed items sale was to raise about $4,500 for local charities. (Kimberley Molina/CBC)

Money goes to charity

Everything for sale Saturday — from skateboards and backpacks to "hundreds of pairs of shoes" — had gone unclaimed for at least a month, Moloughney said, and even longer in the case of pricier items.

The sale's goal, she said, is to raise about $4,500 for Heartwood House, a conglomeration of 20 small charities.

As for the strangest item from Saturday's sale?

"We had a fishing net here for this sale today. It was a rather large, four-foot fishing net," Moloughney said.

"I don't know how that got left on a bus."

Dozens of people lined up outside Heartwood House for Saturday's sale, which raised money for local charities. (CBC)
With winter approaching, grabbing one of the many toques available at Saturday's OC Transpo sale might not have been a bad idea. (Kimberley Molina/CBC)
According to OC Transpo, on an average day between 10 and 15 wallets are left on city buses. (Kimberley Molina/CBC)