New Lansdowne plan will be 'green'

The latest design plans for Lansdowne Park were unveiled Tuesday morning and Ottawa's mayor called it a "green" plan featuring 880 new trees.

Councillor says Lansdowne design review full of "conflict", creating a "very difficult" process

Latest designs for Lansdowne Park unveiled in this promotional video. 2:59

The latest design for Lansdowne Park was unveiled Tuesday morning with plans for a greener park than originally planned.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson announced the new integrated plan, which included four different landscape architects, will have 880 trees and three times more green space than first thought.

The plans also include a large lawn, the "green heart" of Lansdowne's urban park, where sledding could take place during the winter. Watson called the plan "green" and "not shades of black and grey".

Hovering over the green space, if current plans carry forward, are nine buildings with residential and commercial use, including two high-rises. The photos provided Tuesday are incomplete, architect John Clifford said, as the towers have not been designed yet.

The design also features a new skating court with a playground. The horticulture building also would be changed to have a glass front instead of its current brick wall.

The new designs for a renovated stadium were also revealed, including more lower-level seating and a curved cover on the new south-side stands.

Architects mesh plans over past 6 months

The details were shared by architects who have worked together since August 2011.

One architect has focused on the urban park, another on the horticulture building, a third on Frank Clair Stadium and the arena and a fourth on the commercial-residential plans.

The presentation covered the details, sightlines, building materials, and architecture and landscape plans for the park.

A memo from city manager Kent Kirkpatrick said the architects have "successfully integrated their work and created a compelling design with strong connections to adjacent neighbourhoods".

But Coun. Peter Hume said, while the design is improved from previous plans, proponents were in "conflict much of the time". Hume added that made integrating the different plans "very difficult".

Hume did argue, though, he believes Lansdowne's design has been under more scrutiny than any other Canadian project.

There is still an official appeal in Ontario Superior Court from the Friends of Lansdowne community group, who are hoping to halt the project and open it up for a competition.

The revitalization of Lansdowne Park is projected to finish in July 2015.

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