Canada Science and Technology Museum facade to be unveiled in 2017

The National Capital Commission has approved a new facade for the Canada Science and Technology Museum that could be unveiled in 2017.

Museum hopes to reopen in November 2017

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      The National Capital Commission has approved a new facade for the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

      The new doors are expected to open on Nov. 17, 2017, not long after Canada's 150th birthday celebrations. The museum will also be turning 50 years old in 2017.

      The Canada Science and Technology Museum has been closed since September 2014. The front of the building has already been removed, in addition to other ongoing construction work. (CBC News)

      The design of the new facade includes a raised entrance and an electronic display of outer space under the canopy at the front doors. The building's exterior will also have LED signs that evoke what goes on in the museum, and are not to be used for commercial sponsorship, according to NCC staff.

      The decision to approve the design was made Wednesday at an NCC board meeting.

      The NCC will deal with outstanding transit, parking and landscaping issues at the museum at a later date, the board decided.

      In September 2014, the museum was forced to close after maintenance workers discovered a leak in the roof that had spread to the building's south wall. Subsequent tests revealed high levels of airborne mould.

      In late 2014, the former Conservative government announced $80.5 million in funding to cover the costs of a new roof, a new facade, updates to the exhibit space and a retrofit of the building to meet updated fire and earthquake-resistance codes.​


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