Signs of election season sprout across Ottawa-Gatineau

Thursday marks the first day candidates for Ottawa's city election and the Quebec provincial election are allowed to start putting up campaign signs.

Municipal campaign signs allowed on private property in Ottawa starting today

A CAQ candidate's sign goes up before sunrise on Aug. 23, 2018, the first day this is allowed. (CBC)

Signs that two 2018 election campaigns are upon us will start popping up around the National Capital Region this week.

Thursday is the first day candidates hoping to become Ottawa's mayor, councillors and school board trustees are allowed to start putting up campaign signs on private property.

Ottawa bylaws stipulate signs can be posted 60 days ahead of voting day, which is scheduled for Oct. 22.

Here are some general rules for placing a sign on your lawn:

  • Signs must be placed where they do not create hazards for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Signs cannot be affixed to trees or city lamp posts.
  • Elections signs do not require a permit.
  • Signs must be taken down within 48 hours of voting day.

Thursday also marks the beginning of the "blackout period" for incumbents.

Candidates who currently hold office cannot send out mailers or flyers from their office starting Thursday and are not allowed to use any office resources to campaign, including staff.

Campaign signs will not be permitted on public property until Sept. 22, which is 30 days before the election.

Public property in Quebec

It's the first day of Quebec's election campaign as well, meaning signs can go up on public property.

Quebec votes on Oct. 1.